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Tree Pruning/trimming is a general term for various techniques used to remove unnecessary, dead, diseased, or damaged branches as well as shaping the tree crowns to a improve the overall structure and balance. Tree pruning can often be overlooked as some clients may think they need a tree removed. In cases where a tree is obscuring your property from sunlight has overhanging trees then it is best to just prune these trees, instead of removing them.

Our team of expert arborists are experienced and qualified, so that your trees receive the best treatment. Whilst removing deadwood and damaged branches we will restore your trees vitality and aesthetics.

If you would like your tree’s pruned by a professional, accredited tree surgeon at affordable prices, please call Us Today, to receive your free advice and free no obligation quote.

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Best Tree Pruning services Middlesbrough

Crown Reduction

Our Crown reduction service involves reducing the weight of the tree to ease the mechanical stress on the tree. To achieve this, we need to reduce the size of the tree, both in terms of its height and the extent of its canopy. This means the tree has to bear less load and is less resistant to wind, meaning it is less likely to fall when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

A variety of problems can occur if the maintenance of your tree is neglected. If a tree grows too crowded inside a home, it can create too much shade or block light from reaching neighbouring homes. Additional pressure on tree branches can cause them to break and fall, creating an unwanted hazard.

Our tree trimming service will restore your tree to its original healthy state. We will work carefully to reduce it to a smaller version of its original shape so that it no longer poses a risk to your home.

Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting is done by removing the lower branches. This allows more light to pass through the underside of tree; it also involves removing branches that might be obstructing or overhanging a footpath, we do this by creating a clearance under the crown of the tree. We will assess the tree to determine if it only requires crown lifting, in some cases it may be necessary to remove deadwood, which could cause diseases to the tree.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the process of cutting internal and outer branches, If the canopy of your tree has become to dense, then crown lifting can help promote more light and airflow through the tree. Crown thinning will improve the aesthetics of your tree, once we have pruned the tree it will become more symmetrical and a present a tidier appearance.

Tree Pollarding

Tree Pollarding is a more severe method of tree pruning, it is mainly utilized on street tree’s and trees that are too big for their location. Tree Pollarding is achieved by pruning the leading stem to short stubs. This encourages re-growth which later requires re-pollarding back to the pollard head.


Some of the most common types of trees in Middlesbrough set out by the Yorkshire dales national park are:  Ash, Hazel, Birch, Oak & sweet chestnut.

  1. Deciduous Tree’s such as: Ash, Beech, Birch & hazel. These should be pruned Feb-April. When pruning these trees to prevent diseases from spreading, cleaning your equipment with diluted bleach before pruning,
  2. Conifers trees such as: Pine, fir, yew & Yew. These Species are best pruned April till end of August. Trimming in autumn increases dieback on the trees
  3. Fruit Tree’s such as: Apples, pears, hazelnut & plum. Fruit trees should be pruned during the dormant season once the leaves fall just before bud burst. Generally, between November to early march

Tree Pruning requires horticultural knowledge, that’s why our expert tree surgeons provide specialized tree pruning services so to improve your trees overall health, increases sunlight to the tree as well as your property prevent further disease and damage to the tree.

Please contact us for all your tree pruning needs, our expert friendly staff are ready to provide you with free advice and no obligation quotes.

Tree Pruning FAQs

How much does a tree surgeon charge to prune a tree Middlesbrough?

The cost of tree pruning depends on the size, specie and location of the tree. But the average cost a tree pruning a small tree less then 20 ft is £250 this can become more expensive is the tree is larger or requires multiple tree’s to be pruned. Contact our team for a free on-site quote.

How much does it cost to prune a large tree Middlesbrough?

Pruning a large tree above 50ft can cost £500 upwards. However, size is not the only important cost factor. The type of pruning service required will will also effect the tree’s. Crown lifting service is cheaper then tree pollarding, due to the process and more equipment needed.

Will you tidy up after you finish?

Our team will keep the working area safe and barricaded whilst carrying out tree pruning services. Once all work is complete we will dispose any all waste. Leaving you garden tidy, clean and safe.

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