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Hedge Trimming services are requested by landlords, local councils, homeowners, and commercial maintenance offices. This is because hedge trimming as simple as it seems can be an exhaustive task for everyday people that our busy with more important things in life. Hedge trimming effects the aesthetics and safety of your property. An example of this is local council sending requests of hedge trimming to be done on properties where hedges are overgrowing onto pathways and highways as it can obscure vision of motorists and pedestrians.

At Tree Surgeon Middlesbrough We understand the importance of well-maintained hedges, this can hugely impact the aesthetics of your premise/landscape for both residential and commercial customers. Let us enhance the beauty of your property with our team of experienced arborists and modern equipment.  

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Best Hedge Cutting service For Customers in Middlesbrough

Hedge Cutting requires expertise and experience. Tree Surgeon Middlesbrough have the arboriculture knowledge and tree surgery expertise to carve you beautiful hedges. Our team will begin with an evaluation to determine the most appropriate course of action. For instance, in the case of coniferous hedges, we will make sure an adequate amount of green foliage remains to allow for regeneration over time

Before undertaking our hedge cutting services, we will ensure the working area is will be marked and secured to prevent any potential harm to passers-by. Any debris produced as a result of our hedge cutting service will be disposed. So that you don’t need to waste your time cleaning the garden after our work.


Our tree surgeons are licensed chainsaw & woodchipper operators, so you can be certain your hedges are trimmed with the best technology resulting in stunning transformations. By keeping your hedges in check, you can be certain to avoid disputes with neighbours, local councils & highway authorities.

Our Tree surgeons have a vast arborist knowledge. which means they can identify the species of the hedge and provide the right care it needs; this is important as hedges trimmed and pruned in the wrong way can cause diseases as well as destroying your hedges completely. We take the plant shape, location & and time of the year into consideration.

We also provide aftercare, so that all debris is cleared from the site, hedges usually contain a lot of litter. No worries this is all part of our process to make sure you have the best hedges in town. Our tree surgeons offer expert hedge trimming at affordable prices, Please don’t hesitate to contact us for your free no obligation quote.

Hedge Cutting FAQs

What types of hedges can you cut?

We work with a range of hedge species here in Middlesbrough, but some of the more common one’s we deal with area; Beech, privet, Boxwood (Buxus), Laurel, Cypress hedges, Evergreen hedges and mixed hedgerows. Are vast arboriculture knowledge means we can identify and correctly trim any plant species.

How much will it cost to cut my hedges Middlesbrough?

Our hedge cutting services start at £40 an hour per person. The quotes can vary for commercial and garden makeover projects. We usually quote per the size of the job. To receive a more accurate quote please contact us for a free-on-site visit.

Are you insured to cut my hedges?

All of our tree surgeons carry comprehensive insurance. You can be certain that you’re covered in the event of the unexpected happening.

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