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Welcome to Tree surgeon Billingham. We provide tree care services to residential and commercial clients. Our team of Expert arborist and tree surgeons are fully trained and experienced so you can be assured of the care and quality we always provide.

We’re a friendly, family-run and dependable company, specializing in arboriculture. As industry leading domestic tree surgeons, we take pride in our highly trained and experienced team of consultants, climbers, and ground staff. We practice industry standard tree cutting techniques, this guarantees your trees receive the best care and maintenance while the wildlife & surrounding properties are unscathed.

Our vast industry knowledge and experience allows us to educate our customers, whilst providing expert advice and guidance. Something a simple as advising you on the risks of crown reduction in the spring, as this can cause a tree to ‘bleed’ with sap, or helping you pick the best soil types for your tree planting.

We understand the significance of preserving trees and acknowledge that tree owners play a vital role in conservation of wildlife and tress. That’s why our expert arborist will be able to answer all questions so that you don’t break any laws regarding TPO and conservation areas. Combining our many years of experience we can carefully assess your requirements & budget, aiming to offer competitive prices to ensure you see the true value of investing in our services.

To Discuss Your Tree service Requirements or to arrange a Free Quotation with Tree Surgeon Billingham Please either fill in the contact us form or Call Us On 07476553812 . We also provide Free On-site Quotes.



We’re fully insured and have the knowledge and expertise to handle any tree-related task.

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There are many reasons to choose our professional tree surgeons in Billingham. Here are just a few:

Safety – Tree Surgery is a complex and hazardous piece of work, this makes it all the more important to entrust the work to certified individuals with vast experience & training performing the work. A proficient tree surgeon is legally obliged to undergo extensive education and acquire necessary accreditations before the our deemed competent to carry out any tree cutting services for the public.

Experience – Our professional tree surgeons have years of experience allowing them to accurately assess a tree and the determine an optimal strategy for removal in the safest way possible. They also provide aftercare for the area after it has been removed.

Training – Our tree surgeons will have undergone rigorous training as well as necessary refresher courses for any new legislations,, so that they are trained accordingly to industry standards allowing them perform their job safely and effectively.

Equipment – Smaller tools such as axes, handsaws, chainsaws, ladders and larger heavy machinery tools such as stump grinders, cranes when necessary. Our tree surgeons carry the licenses to use all these tools so you can be certain we will get the job done no matter how big or small.

Insurance – Our Tree Surgeons carry Full public liability insurance, which protects you against any liability for damage to property or persons.

Choosing a professional tree surgeon in Billingham is the best way to ensure that your tree removal project is completed safely and effectively. With our experience, training, and equipment, we will be able to handle any tree removal project you may have. We Are Your Accredited Tree Surgeon Company.




Our friendly experienced team of arborist are the masters of our craft only using the most up to date tree surgery techniques and highly specialized equipment to achieve aesthetically pleasing, healthy maintained trees and falls in line with legal regulations ( TPO, Health & Safety regulations)  .

We understand that trees are an important part of the environment, and we take care to preserve them where possible. However, we also recognise that sometimes it is necessary to remove trees in order to improve safety or aesthetics. Whatever your reasons for needing tree work carried out, we will be able to help you.

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Our team of fully qualified and accredited tree surgeons provide tree removal services in Billingham. We know how much of a daunting task tree removal can be with so many questions and very few answers. That’s why we’re pleased you found us. We provide expert advice and provide you with a full breakdown of what the process is like, as we believe better informed customers make happy customers.

As necessary as tree removal can be in some circumstances there are laws and regulations that still protect wildlife and trees, that’s why our team of experts will do the due diligence for you and also submit applications to the local planning authority for Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) within the Conservation Areas.

Reasons for Tree Removal

  • Hazardous overhanging branches
  • You are planning landscape redesign.
  • The Tree has structural problems (such as interior decay)
  • The tree is obscuring your views or blocking your property from sunlight

Tree removal can be necessary for the reasons above and many more. But it is also important to be aware that there are government legislations around tree removal (from which trees to cut and how the tree’s are cut).

Tree Removal Legislations

  • TPO (Tree Preservation Orders)
  • In A Conservation Area
  • BS5837
  • BS3998
  • IS09001

For Residential and Commercial clients, it is imperative you are aware of the first two. Which we can help you with, these are legislations set out by local authorities that protect trees in conservation areas. The other 3 are legislations arborist must follow which is designed to respect treat trees as living things and make us think whilst surveying, quoting and working on trees. 

Tree removal is not a one size fits all solution, we will need to assess each tree’s condition and location to develop a safe and efficient removal plan. We use the latest techniques and equipment to carry out quality tree work for our domestic & commercial clients. Our team of experts our here to provide you with all the information you require to carry out your tree work



Tree trimming & pruning are general terms for various methods of selective removal of branches on a tree. An expert tree surgeon will understand that every tree needs a different treatment and process to enhance its vitality and aesthetics. These different methods are used for different reasons such as to reduce the tree’s size: to remove damaged branches or to thin out the crown for a neater look.

Tree trimming is essential in improving the health and appearance of your tree. This encourages a tree growth and while stabilizing the structure & minimizing the risk of broken limbs and falling branches.

Types of Trimming & Pruning Techniques

  • Crown Lifting is the cutting of lower branches of the tree to create clearance above the ground. This improves the view from the tree’s surroundings.
  • Crown thinning is the cutting of selected branches to increase the spacing between branches within the tree’s crown. This promotes Light air circulation, light penetration and reduces the wind resistance from storm damage.
  • .Crown Reduction is the selective removal of branch tips or lateral branches to reduce the size and foliage (spread) of the of the tree’s crown. This is implemented to control the size of a tree while maintaining its natural shape.

Our experience and extensive professional knowledge is second to none. We demonstrate industry leading expertise in our field. From our first point of contact with our lovely customers to setting out a plan to achieve your desired results also whilst communicating resourceful knowledge so you’re well informed. If your wishes our to increase sunlight onto your garden/property or to tidy up your tree’s appearance or to reduce the risk of falling branches and tree’s. we’re your go to experts.

To Discuss Your Tree Service Requirements or to arrange a FREE quotation with Tree Surgeon Billingham Please either fill in the contact us form or Call Us On 07476553812

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Tree stumps can be nature’s artistic sculptures or formidable obstacles. They can be carved into sundials be used as planters, outdoor tables etc. But the opposite also remains true there presence can cause unwanted pests or fungi that could infect vegetation nearby or even lead to hazardous falls and trips especially if you have kids always playing around in your garden.  

Tree Surgeon Billingham can help you with just that, There are two main ways this can be done ‘stump removal’ or ‘stump grinding’.

Common Misconceptions

Please don’t attempt DIY (Don’t Injure Yourself) Tactics in removing a stump. This should only be done by an expert to avoid injury and future infestations of insects as we provide after treatment.  Get In contact with us and Get our expert opinion for free.

Stump Removal Or Stump Grinding ?

Stump removal is the complete removal of a tree stump and its roots from the ground, leaving no trace of the tree behind.

Stump Grinding is the removal of the stump only to ground level, leaving the roots behind. This is done with a specialized equipment called a stump grinder.

If you’re deciding between the two then let us help you. Stump removal is the preferred option if have landscaping plans that is in conjunction to where your stump currently lies. That’s because the roots are also removed. Stump grinding is the preferred option if you want a more affordable solution whilst just eliminating the stump from the ground.

We advise you use us here at Tree Surgeon Billingham as we have expert knowledge and can provide you with expert removal and grinding of your stumps. 



Hedge Trimming can be a nuance for any property owner or work premise. Overgrown hedges can ruin the landscapes beauty. That’s why hedge trimming can significantly grant beauty and space back to your property.  

Our expert Arborist know the best time to prune and cut the hedges to encourage healthy future growth. Hedge maintenance is extremely important if your hedges lie where pedestrian and vehicular access cross paths. We use top of the range hedge trimmers like battery operated handle trimmers that are quieter and cut like a hot knife through butter.


  • Box: these hedges shouldn’t be pruned to severely or too often.
  • Yew: These hedges should be trimming late winter or early spring.
  • Privet, evergreen, laurel:  These hedges should be trimmed so that the bottom shrubs are wider then top allowing light to reach the lower branches.
  • Holly: normally cutting and shaping can be done in spring but preferably should be pruned in winter.

As you can see hedge trimming isn’t as straight forward as you may think and that’s without establishing how it should be cut and what tools to use. That’s why our customers call on our hedge cutting services, why burden yourself with the hassle and potential risks of injury or damaging the hedges when you can leave it to professionals like us and free up your valuable time to focus on what truly matters, cherishing moments with your loved ones or pursuing other meaningful endeavours.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Will The council Cut down my tree in the UK?

IIf the council owns your property, you can request this through them. However, if you’re a property owner or the land is privately owned, the council is not directly involved in felling trees. The council will only have a final say if the tree involved falls under a conservation area or has a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Regardless of the situation, it’s important to contact your local council to avoid unwanted penalties or mistakes..

How much does a tree surgeon charge in the UK?

The average cost of a tree surgeon in the UK is roughly £300 per day. However, this is an average figure, and the exact price depends on the job requirements, the level of expertise of the company, and, most importantly, the number of team members needed on-site to complete the job. Tree surgeons often work in teams of 3, which would bring the total cost to around £900 per day.

What is a Tree Preservation Order(TPO)?

A Tree Preservation Order is legislation passed by the government to local authorities and councils, aiming to protect and preserve trees from deliberate damage and destruction. Its purpose is to safeguard trees that have a significant impact on their local surroundings, whether for public enjoyment, environmental benefits, or aesthetic purposes.

When is the best time prune a tree?

The removal of dead, damaged, or diseased branches should be done as soon as they’re identified for the best results. However, for most trees, the recommended time for pruning is during mid to late winter or early spring. Pruning during winter, when trees are leafless, allows for easier selection of branches and limbs to be removed, streamlining the pruning process for optimal results.

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